About Us

    Inlet Primary Care offers a wide range of services including diabetes specialty care, dermatological services, women’s health, ultrasounds, elective procedures such as Botox and weight loss programs and much more. We have a dedicated lab tech to make blood draws as easy and painless as possible. Our two billing staff members will help arrange all of your insurance benefits. We have developed the SmartCare 35/35 program to make care affordable for anyone, even if insurance is not available. We have an active clinical trials program which can offer an even greater level of patient care and help with some of the financial burden of regular office visits.

    But finding a home for all of your medical care isn’t just about what we can provide; it’s about finding a team of dedicated members who are all properly trained to handle your health issues while treating you with respect. And to allow them to be as competent and efficient as possible, we use electronic medical records and patient portal software.